Welcome to our Dancing Lights


They say the show must go on..... unless a grinch gets in the way. We have thought long and hard about our display this year. We know hundreds, if not thousands of families have made our house a holiday tradition, along with those who just need a reason to smile with the day to day stress of life. In the last week we have heard from a number of residents in our subdivision. All have disagreed with the HOA, and respect our ability to continue with our display. We strongly disagree with our HOA, however we don’t feel spending the time, and money in court is the best solution. Our display is for the enjoyment of everyone. We have decided to not set up Our Dancing Lights this year, however we will still have lights and have added a new decoration in honor of our HOA. Something still very important to us is the Rainbow Connection, and accepting donations. We will still have a donation box outside along with accepting online donations here. We hope everyone will enjoy Our NON Dancing lights this year and still donate to the Rainbow Connection.

We want to thank everyone who has come out in past years, and enjoyed the show. We really want to thank everyone who donated to the rainbow connection. Last year we were able to raise $10,000, this brings our overall collection to over $50,000! Thank you so much!

Over the years, we have brought many smiles to our fans, and with your help, have collected tens of thousands of dollars for the rainbow connection. We also were honored to have been the grand prize winner in the National Griswold Lightacular Challenge, sponsored by Old Navy! We look forward to seeing what this year will bring!

Our Dancing lights are completely choreographed to music, allowing them to dance with the music, which can be heard on FM 91.3