Welcome to our Dancing Lights


We have received so many inquiries about why we didn’t do the ‘dancing lights’ display last year and whether we’re going to do it this year to again benefit The Rainbow Connection charity that we felt an explanation is owing.

We did the ‘dancing lights’ display for 6 years from 2010 through 2016 without any difficulty [we didn’t do the show in 2014].

Through the years we’ve received a few suggestions or requests from neighbors about the light show and all have been worked out.

In recent years our homeowner’s association voted in a new Board of Directors. For the last few years the Board of Directors of our neighborhood association have raised issues with the show.  They have complained about the size of our sign, whether the sign was pre-approved, whether we were operating a commercial business, and in 2019 they threatened legal action if we did the ‘dancing lights’ show.  We decided last year not to do the show because a holiday festivity to benefit sick children should not become a legal battle.

This year the Board of Directors said that because we have politely disputed why we should pay a $300.00 attorney fee which they incurred in 2019 especially since we cancelled the display last year, we are  ‘not in good standing’ and could not answer the complaints they raised at the virtual annual meeting on Thursday, November 12, 2020.  Although each matter before the Board was to be allotted 5 minutes, they spent 20 minutes complaining about the ‘dancing lights’ show and then refused to allow me or anyone else to respond.  We sent 2 emails to the Board of Directors in February and March ‘2020 asking to discuss the attorney fee claim with us but there has been no response.

The Rainbow Connection has always had volunteers present to control traffic, etc. and we immediately replaced 2 mailboxes that had been accidentally hit. We have reduced the size of our sign, we have requested permission to post a smaller sign for the show and have complied which each new restriction passed by the Board of Directors. 

This year has been difficult for all of us because of the Covid-19 pandemic and all the activities in our lives that it has cancelled.  The political divisions our country is facing have also added to our anxiety.  We believe more than ever that a Christmas light display which offers joy to all who see it, which for some is an annual tradition, which benefits a charity for sick children and which can be enjoyed from the safety of cars, is needed this holiday season more than ever.  All we’ve ever wanted to do, at our own expense of time and money, is to celebrate the season of Christmas, to lift everyone’s spirits and help a local charity.

Instead of talking to us or meeting with us, this year the Board of Directors has threatened to go to Court to file for an injunction. 

We will decorate our house with lights this holiday, but we will not do a choreographed light show.  We are sorry we can’t do the ‘dancing lights’ display and will also not have a donation box out front this year.  If any of you can donate to The Rainbow Connection on line we know they would appreciate it because like all charities this year has been hard financially for them.  You can donate via our Facebook page, on our website or the Rainbow Connection’s website

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday and are sorry that the ‘dancing lights’ show is a tradition that is also being cancelled this year.

  1. -Brent, Penny & Jack Waldrep

We want to thank everyone who has come out in past years, and enjoyed the show. We really want to thank everyone who donated to the rainbow connection. Overall we have collected to over $51,000! Thank you so much!

Over the years, we have brought many smiles to our fans, and with your help, have collected tens of thousands of dollars for the rainbow connection. We also were honored to have been the grand prize winner in the National Griswold Lightacular Challenge, sponsored by Old Navy! We look forward to seeing what this year will bring!